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Antwerp commemorates World War II


Events commemorating World War II in Antwerp

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Antwerp's war scars

Here are some important events in World War II in Antwerp. View them on the map or chronologically on the timeline.

August 1942

The first large-scale raids on Jews in the city

20 and 21 November 1942

Executions of Antwerp members of the resistance movement at the shooting range in D’Herbouvillekaai

October - November 1944

The Battle of the Scheldt: the Allies and the Germans fight to control the port

16 December 1944

A V2 falls on Cinema Rex: 567 people died


Learn more about the story of World War II in Antwerp based on 6 important themes.

Resistance or collaboration

The end of the war: the liberation of Antwerp and its port

Antwerp’s city council during the occupation

Daily life and survival in occupied Antwerp

The persecution of the Jews in Antwerp

Bombing raids and V-weapons on Antwerp

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