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Monument - memorial

The city has decided to erect a monument in a central location to commemorate all the victims of World War II.

The memorial, which will feature their names, bears testimony to the devastating human toll that World War II took on Antwerp’s population, reminds everyone of the horrifying violence that was unleashed by the National-Socialist regime and commemorates all the victims in a respectful manner. The monument will also illustrate the importance of the democratic and fundamental values of our society.

The monument will feature the names of all the victims that died under the Nazi regime and due to the war violence. The monument will distinguish between different groups of victims:

  • victims of the Holocaust (Jews, …)
  • civilian victims of Nazi violence (forced labourers, resistance fighters, political prisoners, …)
  • civilian victims of military violence (among others because of the V bombs, ..)
  • military victims (Belgian and international soldiers)

We will conduct intensive research at several archival institutions to establish a list of most of the victims. The city will establish a digital memorial on this website in anticipation of the publication of the full list of names for the physical monument after the research of the historic sources is concluded.

An update will be published to this page as soon as more information is available about this memorial.

Digital memorial

This website will feature a digital memorial, listing the names of victims and information about the various groups of victims. Here you will be able to search the names of victims as well as digitally commemorate people. The descendants of victims can also add supplementary information about the victims here.



Digital monument

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